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Lamia, M. (2010-present). Ongoing blog, Intense Emotions and Strong Feelings:
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     The Shame of Breaking-up
    Is It Love Or Is It Confusion?
    Reflections on Pixar's "Inside-Out" and the Neglect of Shame
    What Excites You?
    Why Bullies Don't Feel Bad (Or Don't Know They Do)
    Seeking Comfort the Impossible Way
    How Blushing Exposes You and Benefits You
    When Smartphones Hurt
    Happiness Can Make You Cry and Smiling Can Make You Happier
    Impossible Love
    Twins: In Defense of Togetherness
    What Makes A Soulmate?
    Song of the Longing Soul
    Meanness Hurts
    What Makes You Happy...Really?
    When It's Over...Badly
    "Rebound" Relationships
    "Hooking-up" Can Unhinge You
    Jealousy and Envy: The Emotions of Comparison and Contrast
    When Being Giving Doesn't Give You What You Need
     Loneliness, Shame, and Anguish
     Longing and the Dread of Emptiness
     On Being Afraid of Love
     Violence and Shame: The Attack Other Response
     What Makes You Driven?
     Feeling Is Believing
     Deconstructing Lust
     Take Your Emotions To School! (Part 2, Social Success)
     Take Your Emotions To School!
     Do Emotions Lie?
     Just Being Happy Can Be Complicated
     People Who Get Away With Things: Why Be Angry?
     Reforming the Nail-biter
     Why Bullies Are On Top
Are You Less Interesting Than A Squirrel?
     Emotional Memories
Blissful Love Can Make You Sick or Crazy
Being Envied Is Not Enviable
The Complexity of Fear
     Should You Worry?

Expectation, Disappointment, and Sadness
Sad Love
Pride: Turbo-charge for Motivation or Social Nemesis
Maybe you should be angry
Loneliness has a purpose
The Power of Hope and Recognizing When It's Hopeless
The downside of success: Guilt or shame?
     Grief isn't something to get over
Shame: A concealed, contagious, and dangerous emotion
Envy: The emotion kept secret
     What can jealousy teach you? (2)

What can jealousy teach you?
     Kids and Crushes
     Whatever Happened to Guilt?
     Anxiety Is Your Friend
      Like It or Not, Emotions Will Drive the Decisions You Make Today
The Perennial New Year's Resolution
Should Santa Care If You've Been Naughty or Nice?
On Reuniting: The Emotional Storm of High School Reunions
Children and Loss: When Holidays Trigger Grief
Making Emotional Sense of Why Baseball Players Spit
Do Bullies Actually Lack Empathy?
     Do Bullies Really Have Low Self-esteem?

Lamia, M.C.  (2015). Procrastinator Or Not: How Emotions Influence How You Get Things Done.  Current manuscript.

Lamia, M. (2013). Note to Parents, In
Sandra Levins, Bumblebee Bike. American Psychological Association Magination Press.

Lamia, M. (2013). Note to Parents, In Kim Joo-Kyung, 
A Happy Hat. American Psychological Association Magination Press.

Lamia, M. (2013). Note to Parents. In Kim Young-Ah, I'm So Lonely. American Psychological Association Magination Press.

Lamia, M. (2012). Emotions! Making Sense of Your Feelings. American Psychological Association Magination Press.

Lamia, M. (2011). “Emotions: The Engine of Attention, Action, and Amusement (and why
every kid should learn about them).”  California Society for Clinical Social Work Newsletter.

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Strong Feelings. Washington D.C.: American Psychological Association Magination Press.

Lamia, M. (2010). “Can a procrastinating child succeed? About Families
Magazine.  (November, 2010).

Lamia, M. (2010). “Emotions: The engine of attention, accomplishment, and amusement.”

About Families Magazine.  (November, 2010).

Lamia, M. and Krieger, M. (2009). Invited ongoing blog, "The White Knight Syndrome."
(Click here for blog)

Lamia, M. & Krieger, M. (2009). Syndrome Du Sauveur (Le): Se Liberer De Son Besoin D'Aider Les Autres. Eyrolles.

Lamia, M. and Krieger, M. (2009). The White Knight Syndrome:  Rescuing Yourself From Your Need to Rescue Others. Oakland: New Harbinger.

Lamia, M. (2009). Book Review:  “Treating the ‘Untreatable’” by Ira Steinman, M.D. San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis Newsletter, April 2009.

Lamia, M. (2009). Note to Parents.  In D. Wagenbach, The Grouchies.  Washington, D.C.: Magination Press, American Psychological Association.

Lamia, M. (2009). Book Review:  “A Course in Happiness: Mastering the 3 Levels of Self-Understanding That Lead to True and Lasting Contentment” by Mardi J. Horowitz. San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis Newsletter, March 2009.

Lamia, M. (2010). Note to Parents.  In S. Levins, Eli’s Lie-O-Meter. Washington D.C.: Magination Press, American Psychological Association.

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Morris and Dad’s New Girl Friend. Magination Press, American Psychological Association.

Lamia, M. (2007). Mind and Body with Dr. Mary.  Monthly column for

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Lamia, M. (2014). “Shame and Anxiety In the Learning Process: Making Sense of Feelings.” The Stanford-UC Berkeley Brain and Behavior Conference, San Francisco.

Lamia, M. (2011).
The Highly Successful Procrastinator: Deadline anxiety as the engine of accomplishment. Faculty Forum Presentation, The Wright Institute (December 2011).

Lamia, M. (2011).  Discussant: “Facilitating an older adolescent’s separation from a troubled family.” The American Psychoanalytic Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco.

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Lamia, M. (2011) "Everyday Anxiety."  Grand Rounds Presentation. St. Francis Hospital, San Francisco, CA.

Lamia, M. (2011) "Everyday Anxiety.” Conference presentation: The Northern California Psychiatric Society Annual Meeting.

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Lamia, M.  (2010). “Taking your knowledge public: Writing, speaking, and media interviewing—their impact on your patients and practice.” Northern California Psychiatric Society Annual Meeting.

Lamia, M. (2010). Discussant, North Bay Clinical Forum, San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis.

Lamia, M. (2009). Discussant: ”Marketing Your Practice Online: Practical Challenges & Clinical Issues.” San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis Professional Development Salon.

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Lamia, M.  (2008).  "There's A Lot One Can Learn From A Crush: Promoting Social Competency and Emotional Intelligence in Children.”  Paper presented to the parents of Marin Country Day School.

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Community Mental Health.

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Lamia, M. (2006). "The Pathogenesis of Erotic Transference." Presentation to the students and faculty of the Wright Institute, Berkeley, CA.

Lamia, M.   (2003). “Counseling Adolescents.”  Presentation to the administration and faculty of the Hebrew Academy of San Francisco.

Lamia, M. (2002). "Preparing Psychologists for the Media." Manuscript presented to the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology.

Lamia, M.  (2002). “Who Stole Childhood?”  Paper presented to the parents and teachers of the Kentfield School District.

Lamia, M.  (2001). “Raising Children to Be Their Best.” Keynote Address, Strawberry and Tamalpais Preschool Annual Meeting.

Lamia, M. (2000). “Fostering the Emotional Well Being of Children and Caretakers.” Keynote Address, Community Action Marin. 

Lamia, M. (2000).  “Women and Careers.”   Presentation to the students of Adeline Kent
Middle School.

Lamia, M.  (1999). “Keeping Children Psychologically Safe.”  Paper presented to the Charles Schwab Company, San Francisco.

Lamia, M. (1998). "Meeting the Emotional Needs of Students: Effective Discipline." Paper presented at the Teaching Institute, Hebrew Academy of San Francisco.

Lamia, M. (1997). “Reclaiming Personal Power.”  Keynote Address: Leadership Conference, The Junior League of San Francisco.

Lamia, M. (1997). “Using Emotional Intelligence to Conquer the Anxieties of
Salesmanship and Life.” Paper presented to the Equitable Life Insurance Co., San Francisco.

Lamia, M. (1997). Panel Discussion: “The Psychological Effects of Abuse.” The Institute For  Jewish Medical Ethics, San Francisco.

Lamia, M.  (1996). “Understanding Your Anxiety and How to Make it Work for You.”  Paper presented to the Sustainers of the Junior League of San Francisco.

Lamia, M. (1995).Self-esteem Issues of Young Adolescents.” Presentation to the Parent-Teacher Association, Ross School.

Lamia, M.  (1995). “From Feminism to the Wonderbra:  How Women Regulate Their Self-esteem.”  Paper presented to the Junior League of San Francisco.

Media Interviews
(Partial List)

5/25/93       Panel Discussion:  “Mothers and Daughters.”  KQED Radio - 88.5FM, Forum.
9/20/93       Panel Discussion:  “Fathers and Daughters.”  KQED Radio - 88.5FM, Forum
3/95            Feature:  “From Feminism to the Wonderbra: Self-Esteem Lecture in a League of Its Own.” Nob Hill Gazette.
4/19/95       Panel Discussion:  “Anxiety.” KQED Radio- 88.5FM, Forum.
12/27/95     Panel Discussion:  “Depression.”  KQED Radio- 88.5FM, Forum
3/17/96       Interview:  “Self-esteem.”  KOIT Radio- 96.5FM, Positive Parenting program.
11/96          Interview:  “The Chore Thing.”  BabyTalk  Magazine.
12/22/96     Interview:  “Fighting Fair.” KOIT Radio- 96.5FM, Positive Parenting program.
7/14/97       Panel Discussion:  “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (opposing view).” KQED Radio.
7/23/97       Interview:  “Serial Killers.” ABC News.
7/25/97       Interview:  “Love:  a documentary.” Produced by Millan Sur.
8/20/97       Interview:  “Savvy Parents Make School Transitions Easier.” Contra Costa Times.
9/12/97       Interview:  “Commute Frustration.” KCBS Radio-740 AM.
12/20/97     Interview:  “The Scrooge Theory:  Why some people hate the holidays.” KCBS Radio-740AM.
2/9/98         Interview:  “Parenting a Teenage Athlete.”  KCBS Radio-740AM.
3/13/98       Interview:  “Mother-daughter Relationships.”  Healthfile:  
8/20/98       Interview:  “Job Applicants and Personality Tests.” Reuters News Service.
9/22/98       Discussion/Interview:  Psychological View:  Clinton/Lewinski. Bay TV.
10/12/98     Interview:  “Infidelity Defined:  Secrecy more crucial than sex.”  San Francisco Examiner.
11/22/98     Interview:  “Do Applicants Lie?”   Career Search, San Francisco Examiner.
12/98          Interview:  “Keeping a Sense of Humor.”  Woman’s Day.
2/10/99       Interview:  “Family Reunions.”  Healthfile         
3/24/99       Interview:  “Hard- Question Column.”  Seventeen Magazine .
5/2/99        Interview:  “Stress-related Symptoms  in Children.” KCBS Radio - 740 AM
7/6/99        Interview:  “The Effect of Career Transitions on Children.” Parenting
8/17/99      Interview:  “Children and Heroes.” The Washington Times.
9/8/99        Interview:  “When Children Are Bullied.”  KGO Radio - 810 AM.
10/99          Interview:  “Do We Push Kids Too Hard.”  Better Homes and Gardens and United Airlines In-flight Magazine 
10/24/99    Feature:  “Radio Host is Dialed into Kids.”  Marin Independent Journal.
11/17/99    Feature:  “Radio Program Lets Children Be Heard.”  Contra Costa Times.
11/18/99    Feature:  “Kidtalk with Dr. Mary.”  Mornings on 2, KTVU/FOX.
11/22/99    Interview:  “Childhood Crushes.”  Family Life  (Pub. 4/00).
11/22/99    Interview:  “Using Ritual to Bond a Blended Family.” Bride Again (Pub. 3/00).
12/5/99      Interview:  “Alienated Adolescents.”  Healthfile  (Pub. 3/00)
12/29/99    Interview:  “Children Worry Too, But Don’t Pass You Y2K Anxieties to Kids.”ABC
2/1/00       Interview:  “Mothers and Daughters.”  Black Elegance Magazine.
2/21/00     Interview:  “Instant Bad Mood Busters.” McCalls  (Pub. Spring, 2000)
3/2000       Interview:  “Coping with a Finicky Eater.” Family Digest Baby and Toddler Care.
3/15/00     Interview:  “Hard-Question Column.”  Seventeen Magazine   (Pub. 6/00)
3/22/00     Interview:  “Fallen Stars:  What to do when your child’s hero falls from grace.” Woman’s Day Magazine.
5/8/00       Interview:  “Teens and Friendships.” www. clubmom ,com.
5/21/00     Feature:  “Childhood – No Bed of Roses, But At Least There’s An Upside.”San Francisco Chronicle.
5/00          Interview:  “Lessen the Pressure For Your Kids.”  The Communicator, California State Parent-Teacher
6/23/00     Feature:  “Good News from Disney.”   
8/21/00     Interview:  “Back to School Anxiety.” KGO Radio – AM 810.
10/23/00   Interview:  “Escuelas Alternatives” (Alternative Schools).
12/18/00   Interview:  “Back-to-back Children.”  National Parenting.
1/31/01     Interview:  “Teen Attitude:  What’s it to you?”  USA Today.
1/31/01     Interview:  “Ten Way to Tell Your Teen You Love Them (withoutembarrassing them to death).”  Parenting
2/8/01       Interview: “Handling Adolescent Angst.”  Lifetime Online.
2/10/01     Interview:  “Teen attitude: What’s it to you?” Sacramento Bee
2/14/01     Interview:  “Losing Control of Your Teen.”  Toronto Sun.
3/12/01     Interview: “When Parents Divorce.” Junior Scholastic. (4/23/01)
4/16/01     Feature:  “KidTalk with Dr. Mary/Stress and Kids.”   The Ronn OwensShow, KGO-News Talk 810.
4/25/01    Interview:  “Creating Superkids.” KGO-810 Afternoon News.
5/20/01    Interview:  “Getting Ready for College.”
6/17/01    Interview: “More damage done to the young interns.” Cupertino Courier
6/17/01    Feature:  “KidTalk with Dr. Mary/ Tough Issues for Kids.”  The Ronn Owens Show, KGO-News Talk 810.
7/30/01    Interview:  “Adolescent Sexuality.”  Chicago Tribune (pub. 8/1/01).
8/24/01    Interview: “Are mild spankings harmful to children?” KGO-AM 810.
9/11/01    Interview:  “Crisis Hotline, Attack on America.”  KGO TV
9/12/01    Interview:  “Talking with Children About Terrorist Attacks.”  San Mateo Daily Journal.
9/12/01    Interview: “Mental health pros prescribe talk.” Marin Independent Journal.
9/13/00    Discussion/Interview:  “The effects of Media Violence on Children:  The FTC Report.”  Take Issue, Bay TV, KRON.
9/20/01    Interview: “Terrorist attacks exact psychological toll; Tips for dealing with stress.” San Francisco Chronicle.
9/21/01    Feature:  “Someone To Tune To.”  Newsreel Magazine.
10/2/01    Panel Discussion:  Children and Reading. KQED Radio - 88.5 FM.
10/18/01  Interview:  Anthrax anxiety can color a young child’s world.” USA Today , The Detroit News, and
11/5/01    Interview:  “Going Back Home.”  Be magazine.                   
12/26/01  Interview:  “2001 Holiday Moods.” The 10:00 News (12/26) and Mornings on 2  (12/27), KTVU (FOX), reporter John Fowler.
3/5/02      Interview:  “Editorial:  Six months following 9/11”  Contra Costa Times, Editor in chief, John Armstrong (pub. 3/10/02).
5/7/02      Interview:  “Good relationships between teens and parents,”  Scholastic Choices Magazine.
10/30/02  Interview:  Parent’s perception of their children’s character and values.KGO-AM-810.
2/4/03      Interview:  “Experience counts in judging marriages:  Study not kind to counselors.” San Francisco Chronicle, Charles Burress.
2/13/03    Interview:  “Fear-Based Advertising.” The 10:00 News, KTVU (FOX),reporter John Fowler.
3/21/03    Interview:  “Bay Area Students Vent As War Begins.”  Oakland Tribune, Jill Tucker, Staff Writer.
4/03         Interview:  “Mother-daughter Relationships.”  Seventeen Magazine
6/03         Interview:  “Standing Out In the Crowd.” iParenting Media, LisaMarie Metzler, Contributing Editor.
8/6/03     Interview:  “Mothers with Depression:  Impact on Children.” Arthritis Today, Suzette Hill.
8/6/03     Interview:  “Meeting Up with Old Friends.”, Sharon Rosenberg.
8/8/03     Interview:  “Cousin-to-cousin Relationships.”  Nickelodeon Junior  Magazine, April Davis
8/18/03   Feature:  “Issues Discussed on KidTalk with Dr. Mary.” Family Talk with Mike Riera,
9/8/03     Interview:  “Ruminating.” Lifetime Magazine, Jenny Graves.
11/10/03  Interview:  “Food Company Marketing Undermines Parents.” KGO-AM-810.
1/04         Interview:  “Surviving Your Child’s First Crush.”  The ultimate guide for parenting. Lain Chroust Ehmann
7/8/04     Interview:  “It’s summertime; the living isn’t always easy.”   Citizen-Times, Barbara Blake.
8/1/04     Interview:  “Teens on a Tightrope.”  Diablo Magazine, Susan Davis.
9/14/04   Interview:  “Tips for The Blues.”  Seventeen Magazine, Sunny Gold, Health Editor.
9/16/04   Interview:  “Do You Need A Therapist?”  Seventeen Magazine, Sunny Gold, Health Editor.
12/3/04   Interview:  “Social Skills Groups.”  San Francisco Magazine, Reporter, Susan Kostel.
12/5/04   Discussion:  “Holiday Stress and Depression.”  KGO Newstalk AM-810,   The Karel Show.
12/13/04  Discussion:  “Issues of Teens and Middle School-age Children.”  KQED-FM,  Forum with Michael Krasny.
12/23/04  Interview:  “The New Teenager.”  San Jose Mercury News, Reporter, Michelle Quinn.
12/31/04  Interview:  “Keeping New Year’s Resolutions.”  KGO AM-810 Morning News
1/13/05    Interview:  “When Peers Suspect an Eating Disorder.” Seventeen Magazine,  Sunny Gold, Health Editor.
2/05         Citation:  “Teen Topics:  Telling Teens “I Love You,” Cleveland/Akron Family.
12/2/05    Interview: “Internet Addiction.” KGO AM-810 Afternoon News.
6/8/05      Interview:  “Kids’ involvement in rallies for Jackson questioned.”  Contra Costa Times, Tony Hicks, reporter.
6/12/05    Interview:  “Kids' sporting events pose challenges for ex-spouses,” The Fresno Bee, Jody Murray, reporter.
7/18/05    Interview:  “Is Harry Potter good for kids?”  KGO Newstalk AM-810,The Pete Wilson Show.
8/8/05      Interview:  “When Is a Child Mature Enough to Baby-sit?” The Chronicle-Herald Halifax, NS, Carol Moreira, reporter.
9/25/05    Citation:  “Telling Teens You Love Them.”  American Profile:  Celebrating Hometown Life, Mary Lebeau, reporter.
10/22/05  Interview:  “Danger Signs Hard to Detect in Mental Illness.”  The San Jose Mercury News, Michelle Quinn, reporter.
12/2/05    Interview: “Internet Addiction.”  KGO AM-810 Afternoon News.
1/23/06    Interview:  “Anxiety and depression.”  KGO AM-810 Afternoon News.
1/24/06    Interview:  “Body Image, hair, and self-esteem.”
5/1/06      Interview:  “Media Images and curly hair.”  http://naturallycurly.comAfternoon News.
7/20/06    Interview:  “Raising G-rated Kids.”  Family Circle Magazine, Lisa Cullier.
7/31/06    Discussion:  “Adolescent Depression and Risk-taking Behavior.”  KGO-AM-810, The Karel Show.
9/15/06    Interview:  “Influences on children’s decision-making.”
10/27/06  Interview:  “The effect of parental attitudes on the child’s self-perception.”
5/12/06    Interview:  “Negative reactions toward Mom.”  KGO AM-810
12/1/06    Interview:  “Mental Golf.”  Web MD, Tom Valeo, reporter.
12/19/06  Interview:  “Is Miss America a role model for young girls?” KGO AM-810 Afternoon News, Chris Brecher, reporter.
1/18/07    Interview:  “Taming Frizz and Setting Curls Free.” The New York Times, Marcelle Fischler, reporter.
1/29/07    Panel Discussion: “ California assembly proposal to make spanking children under four a misdemeanor,” (with Assemblywoman Sally Lieber; Lois Weithorn, and Joseph McNamara). KQED Radio- 88.5FM, Forum, Michael Krasny, host.
2/16/07    Interview:  “Young Girls and the Barbie Complex: Combating Body Image  Cues.”
3/5/07     Interview:  “Aging and Identity.”  The Hartford Courant, M. Polanco, reporter.
7/20/07    Interview: “ Psychology Careers.”  MSN Encarta website, V. Salemi, reporter.
10/23/07  Interview: “Secret sharing reveals buried fears, regrets.”  The Contra Costa Times, The Seattle Times, and The Oakland Tribune; Jessica Yadegaran, staff writer.
2/8/08      Interview: “Survival of the Fittest:  In their quest to compete, kids may become susceptible to debilitating stress and anxiety.” The American Chiropractic Association, Nataliya Schetchikova, writer.
3/12/08    Interview:  “Stress in Teens.”  Woman’s Health Magazine, Lindsay Moyer, writer.
5/5/08      Interview:  “Conveying Safety Issues to Children.”  KGO-AM810 Afternoon News, Chris Bretcher, reporter.
6/2/08      Interview:  “Teenage Stress.”  The Junior Herald, Victoria Cook, staff reporter.
11/18/08   Interview:  “How Television Affects Viewers.” The KGO-AM810 Afternoon News, Chris Bretcher, reporter.
1/23/09    Interview:  “Simple Strategies for Stress.”  Girls’ Life Magazine, Mandy Forr, Senior Editor (Pub. 4/09).
2/13/09    Interview: “Risky Behaviors and Depression.”  Anchor Magazine, Ontario, Canada; Melissa Churly, reporter.
5/25/09    Interview: “San Francisco’s Baby Boom.” The KGO-AM810 Afternoon News, Jon Bristow, reporter.
6/17/09    Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. KQED-88.5 FM Forum with Michael Krasny.
6/25/09    Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. The Mel Robbins Show. Borders radio/,
6/25/09    Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. The Relationship Show with John Barson and Sheree Morgan, AWN News, Vancouver.
6/30/09    Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. AOL Canada
6/30/09    Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. KAMX-FM "Your Time  With Kim Iverson." Austin, Texas.
7/6/09      Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. KGO-AM810, The Ronn Owens Show.
7/9/09      Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. 106.7YouFM, The Mary Rogers Show, Michigan.
7/10/09    Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. WTCM-NewsTalk 580, The Norm Jones Show, Michigan
8/18/09    Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. Marin Independent Journal.  Paul Liberatore, entertainment editor.
9/23/09    Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. Psychjourney Podcast.
9/25/09    Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. WGN NewsTalk 720, Chicago, The Greg Jarrett Show.
10/8/09    Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. KGO 810AM, San Francisco, The John Rothman Show
10/11/09  Feature:  The White Knight Syndrome. WJR News/Talk 760, Detroit, The  Warren Pierce Show
11/20/09  Feature: The White Knight Syndrome. Positive Living Network.
11/23/09  Interview: Teens and Stress: Why Teens Seem More Stressed Than Ever. Girl’s Life Magazine, Cait Rohan, Editor.
11/27/09  Feature: The White Knight Syndrome. KFNX 1100AM NewsTalk Radio; Phoenix, Arizona; with Dr. Howard Gluss,
2/5/10      Feature: The White Knight Syndrome.  Talk with Dr. Sheila,                  
2/8/10      Feature: The White Knight Syndrome.  The Gregory Mantell Show.
2/12/10    Feature: The White Knight Syndrome. KUOW/NPR Puget Sound/Seattle with Ross Reynolds, host
2/14/10    Feature: The White Knight Syndrome.  WPRO Rhode Island, Patricia Raskin, host.
4/1/10      Feature: The White Knight Syndrome. Martha Stewart Living  Radio, Sirius 112 and XM 157.
4/19/10    Feature: The White Knight Syndrome. KCLU/NPR Los Angeles, Emotional Fitness with Dr. Barton Goldsmith.
9/8/10      Interview:Defining Emotional Dependency and the Top Five Ways to Become More Emotionally Independent., Rheyanne Weaver, writer.
9/10/10     Interview: Visitation issues/Children and Divorce., Bonnie Fuller, editor.    
10/19/10   Feature: Understanding Myself. Daybreak USA, Dallas. Scott West, host.
10/28/10   Interview:  Cyberbullying. Morning News, WSYR-AM, Syracuse, NY.
10/28/10   Interview: Divorcing Parents and Acting Out in Adolescents.
10/29/10   Feature: Understanding Myself. Morning News, WGVU-FM,                 Michigan.
11/9/10     Feature: Understanding Myself.  WBIG-AM, Chicago/Aurora. Host, Brian Felsten.
11/10/10   Feature: Understanding Myself. KALC, Denver; KAMX, Witchita; KRSK, Portland; WMC, Memphis; WMYX, Milwaukee; WPTE, Norfolk; WTSS, Buffalo; and, WZPL, Indianapolis. Host, Kim Iverson.
11/15/10   Feature: Understanding Myself. KMA-AM, Shenendoah, IA.  Host, Chuck & Don.
11/15/10   Feature: Understanding Myself. WDWD-AM Radio Disney,  Atlanta. Host, Angela Seckington.
11/16/10   Interview: “Banishing Bad Habits.” Life and Beauty Weekly. Cynthia Hanson, writer.
11/17/10   Feature: Understanding Myself. WCXZ-AM, Harrogate/Knoxville, TN.  Host, Tom Amis.
11/19/10   Feature: Understanding Myself. WCUB-AM, Green Bay/Appleton, WI. Host, Lee Davis.
11/19/10   Feature: Understanding Myself. KFNX 1100AM NewsTalk Radio Phoenix, Arizona; with Dr. Howard Gluss,
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9/18/15     Interview: "When Friend Envy Happens." Today Health and Wellness.

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