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Mary Lamia, Ph.D.


Educational Background

Certification in Psychoanalysis, San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute                                                        
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology
M.A. Educational Psychology, San Francisco State University
B.A. Psychology, University of California, Berkeley

Professional Affilliations

Editorial Advisory Board, Children’s Book Division, American Psychological Association
Member, The Tomkins Institute: Applied Studies in Motivation, Emotion, and Cognition
Advisory Board, America’s Angel—Raising the Bar On Raising America
Board Member, Italian-American Psychological Society
Member, American Psychological Association
Member, Division of Psychoanalysis, American Psychological Association
Member, Division  of Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, American Psychological  Association     

Member, California State Psychological Association
Member, Marin County Psychological Association


  • 2012 Family Choice Award for Understanding Myself: A Kid’s Guide to Intense Emotions and Strong Feelings.
  • 2012 Family Choice Award for Emotions! Making Sense of Your Feelings.
  • 2011  Italian American Psychological Society, Distinguished Italian American  Psychologist Award: “Outstanding achievements and distinguished  contributions to psychology”
  • 2007 San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute and Society (San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis), Distinguished Service Award
  • 2004  The Northern California Psychiatric Society Media Award:"Outstanding  journalist or broadcaster   who has brought to the attention of the  public issues related to mental health with sensitivity,        objectivity, and social responsibility."
  • 2003  Honorable Mention, Heart of America Award, American Legion  Auxiliary: “Creative Excellence in Communications Advancing the Status  of Women in America.”


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(Full list available upon request. See Media Links page for examples. )

I  have extensively provided interviews, commentary, or discussion for  radio, television, internet, and print media, including Forbes,  Huffington Post, ABC radio/television, Fox Network, KQED-FM, CBC Radio, KOIT radio,  CBS radio, Daybreak USA, The New York Times, The Globe and  Mail, Redbook, Thrive Global, Parent’s Magazine, Woman’s Day, WebMD,  Real Simple, United Airlines In-flight Magazine, San Francisco Magazine,  The San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, The Detroit News, The Oakland  Tribune, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Contra Costa  Times, Reuters News Service, The Marin Independent Journal, The Toronto  Sun, The San Mateo Daily Journal, The San Jose Mercury News, The Fresno  Bee, The Hartford Courant, Citizen Times, The Halifax, NS  Chronicle-Herald, Lifetime Magazine, ABCNews.com, The Seattle Times,  Family Circle Magazine, Viewpoints, The Costco Connection Magazine, Scientific American Mind, CNBC.com, and Sarder TV.

For nearly a decade I hosted a weekly call-in talk show, "KidTalk with Dr. Mary," on Radio Disney stations.