Sample Media Interviews

WGN-AM Chicago


This Is For The Procrastinators: A Clinical Psychoanalyst Weighs In

by Kevin Kruse


Our Favorite Personal Development Books

KQED Radio

The Psychology of Procrastination and Productivity

CBC Radio

Procrastinators are people too (and they actually get things done).


These Are the 7 Things That Drive People to Get Things Done, According to Psychology.

by Martin Zwilling

Success Insider Podcast

What Kind of A Procrastinator Are You?

KDKA Morning News

It's Okay to Be a Procrastinator

Huffington Post

Procrastinators Rejoice! We Are Not the Problem.

By Kevin Kruse

KQED Radio

"Emotions: Making Sense of Your Feelings"

Scientific American - Mind

Getting Off the Hedonic Treadmill

By Elizabeth Landau